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All users who want to access the service contract must first read and accept the Contract and Service General Conditions as detailed below.


  2. These Contract and Service General Conditions involve regulation general services provided by Parking10malaga, which is the trade name REIKA PLANET S.L., constituting the legal framework within which the relationship contract. Parking10malaga is the trade name REIKA PLANET S.L. (At hereinafter "Parking10malaga") for the services sector chauffeured parking.


  4. The contract is to regulate the general conditions of supply of services offered by Parking10malaga through de (hereinafter the "PORTAL"), the telephone booking service, and through intermediaries such as travel agencies or other websites. These services may be hired directly by customers or through intermediaries who request the service on behalf of clients. These intermediaries (hereinafter the "Applicant") may be individuals or legal entities that may have special conditions for contracting service, but in any case will be additional and in no case may cancel or be contrary to any of the conditions contained herein.


  6. These Contract and Service General Conditions offered by Parking10malaga are underwritten in part by the entity REIKA PLANET S.L., inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, volume 33129, folio 42, section 8, page M 596217 and CIF- B-87197513, domiciled at C/ Bristol, 4 –BJ-IZ. 28028 Madrid (Madrid). And, on the other hand, the customer (hereinafter, the "client"), an individual who has been booking by various means, and transferring the responsibility of the vehicle Parking10malaga at the time of concluding the contract. On the one hand we have the customers who have made the reservation through the PORTAL and whose data were included by them at the time of booking, and are ultimately appropriated for themselves, for which the responsibility for the authenticity of them corresponds directly and exclusively to themselves. Furthermore, there are other customers who made the reservation by phone, agencies travel and other intermediaries whose data have been manipulated by others (Travel agents, employees Parking10malaga) and therefore are not reliable. At the time of signing of contract between the parties, i.e. between Parking10malaga and client to be held at the time of collection of the vehicle Parking10malaga by the client before signing should check all data that appear in the contract and report any errors in them. Once the contract is signed by the customer they are approving the data and releasing responsibility of any damages that might lead to Parking10malaga or third parties arising from an error in the data.


  8. The CLIENT agrees to give responsibility of the vehicle to Parking10malaga at all times for the duration of service, falling under this responsibility is the possibility of damages produced by Parking10malaga or a third party for breach of this. The CLIENT certifies that the length of service, and while the vehicle is in Parking10malaga's possession, responsibility under the vehicle meets all legal aspects are to be met within the framework of the Spanish legislation. If the CLIENT fails this obligation it is your responsibility to respond with potential damages to Parking10malaga or third party. Parking10malaga is responsible for your vehicle from the time of receipt until upon its return. Once the vehicle is received, Parking10malaga's hired staff will take your vehicle to a private and secure area to proceed to the contracted services. The CLIENT authorizes travel and all actions necessary to perform these services.

    • 4.1 COLLECTION

    • Parking10malaga is not be responsible for any delays that may cause the customers waiting in front of the vehicle, by the time the execution of the contract or the expected return on the vehicle, which may cause injury or harm to customers, therefore declines responsibility. Customers should be aware that they have to arrive with sufficient time to perform all Parking10malaga operations without these can cause inconvenience to them. If the client does not wait at the reception of the vehicle Parking10malaga completion of the share of damage, he would as that conducted by our staff. The share of damage and CFEV (Certified Photographic State Vehicle) will be made Parking10malaga facilities if conditions brightness, weather, traffic conditions or other so require. Parking10malaga is not responsible for fixtures and / or removable as well as objects that are inside the vehicle if its existence has not been reported to our staff at the time of receiving the vehicle, verified the existence and functioning of our staff and noted in the contract before signing it by the CLIENT. Considering expressly not left in the a vehicle accessory or object if not declared. Parking10malaga not responsible for any damages not susceptible of an accident by accident.

    • 4.2 INSURANCE

    • Your vehicle's stay is covered by our liability insurance and liability according to the law of custody of parking 40/2002.

    • 4.3 RETURN

    • Changing times and / or flights without notice may result in waits of up to two hours and / or surcharges in the final amount. If the car is returned after 12:00 hrs. There will be a charge for the amount of one day's stay. Due to the concentration of radio-frequency electromagnetic waves and in the airport and train stations we are not responsible GPS malfunction, call and car controls, alarms, and other electronic devices. After removal of the vehicle by the CLIENT, Parking10malaga does not support claims about the vehicle condition, extra services made and the payment of cash, however in our determination to offer the customer the best service any questions will be answered by email by calling +34 628 43 44 71 or by regular mail to REIKA PLANET S.L. (Customer Service Department), C/ Bristol, 4 –BJ-IZ. 28028 Madrid (Madrid).


  10. These Conditions of Contract and Service are offered in English. Parking10malaga is not responsible for any CUSTOMER damages or losses that may cause for failure or third compression thereof, and parking10/malaga is not responsible for any possible English translation error from its original text in Spanish.


  12. Both parties expressly state that the completion and acceptance of the reservation by CLIENT or intermediary through different means, and the subsequent acceptance of the reservation by means acceptance Parking10malaga integrates and expresses these terms.


  14. Parking10malaga charges the service provision in current rates every moment in the PORTAL and appears on selected dates, time, place and relevant service. Once the reservation stay is formalized in the Parking10malaga database, with the amount allocated, a copy of it will be sent to the APPLICANT. Payment by customers who make their reservation through the PORTAL or telephone will be made in cash or credit card at the time the vehicle is returned. Changes to the service, such as extensions of stay, recruitment of other services will be charged separately to the CLIENT at the time the return of your vehicle. Parking10malaga will not be held responsible for payments made to intermediaries and their return and cancellation policies, Parking10malaga declines any responsibility.


  16. The reservation policy (APPLICANT) will not be charged for booking cancellation, but can be denied the ability to make new reservations if Parking10malaga considers this improper use of the service.

  17. CLAIMS

  18. Parking10malaga is not support claims about the state of the vehicle and the extra services made by Parking10malaga after the return of this. Any claim on the payment and receipts may be directed to email by calling +34 628 43 44 71 or by regular mail to REIKA PLANET S.L. (Customer Service Department), C/ Bristol, 4-BJ-IZ. 28028 Madrid (Madrid).

  19. LAW

  20. These conditions are written in Spanish, and are subject to Spanish law. For any dispute arising from the use of services offered by the parties, with the acceptance of these Conditions, they shall be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of Málaga (Spain).


  22. The person in charge is Reika Planet, S.L., with CIF: B-87197513, email:, phone: +34 628 43 44 71 has his address at Calle Bristol, 4, BJ-IZ, 28028, Madrid.

    In Reika Planet, S.L. we treat the information you provide us in order to provide the requested service, make the billing of the same. The data provided will be kept as long as the commercial relationship is maintained or during the years necessary to comply with the legal obligations. The data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation. You have the right to obtain confirmation on whether at Reika Planet, S.L. We are treating your personal data therefore, you have the right to access your personal data, correct inaccurate data or request its deletion when the data is no longer necessary.

  23. MOONS

  24. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly on the moons.

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