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PARK ADAMAR, S.L., fully complies with the legislation in force regarding protection of personal data (Act 15/December 13, 1999 on the Protection of personal data and RD 1720/2007 December 21, the development of the LO 15 / December 1, 1999 on the protection of personal data), and with them commitments of confidentiality to own their activity, Informing of the existence of a file of personal data called customers and suppliers, ownership of PARK ADAMAR, S.L. with the aim of logistic services with automobiles. If there are actions indicated above, read pray that we provide the their data.

Consent may be revoked by sending the revocation to mail (you can sign this revocation assuming it ends the relationship between company and customer).

PARK ADAMAR, S.L. has adopted the necessary technical measures to keep its level of security required, depending on the nature of the data and circumstantial treatment in order to avoid, in the measure of it as possible and, according to state it de la technique, its alteration, loss, authorized access treatment.

At the moment you have to set one relationship with customer PARK ADAMAR, S.L. the need for this revocation of this data necessary for the provision of his services. So if one requests additional user data, voluntary work intended for information and marketing the services offered. If there were fields with blank text for it to fill user will be allocated to the gathering information for the service better than the products purchased by you that shall undertake to enter the data reveal his ideology, trade union membership, religion, health beliefs, racial origin, and sex life.

For the information that these files CONTIENER ours and always updated in and does not contain errors we ask our customers and users that communicate, brevity, modifications and rectifications of his personal data. The data Personal supplied by his holder is deemed accurate, this one should communicate them inaccurate that the incomplete to be solved.

It will provide the user his consent to PARK ADAMAR, S.L. can make use of your data (browsing the internet) in order to send (from the browser it the Part software) advertising of third parties (according to the web sites you visit) you read can be useful in relation to the services requested through the Web

In the event that the services to be used by children under age, you must have with convincing him prior consent of the guardians or parents in the quantum and the collection and processing of personal data, of the current regulations regarding data protection.

It user has the ability him to exercise them duty access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of data in the mail; C/ Goya, 49, 28630, Villa del Prado, Madrid, Espaņa.

All private communication between them PARK ADAMAR, S.L. (Via the Web y los customers will be considered as confidential, committing itself PARK ADAMAR, S.L. the obligation of the secret nature of the data personal, the duty to save them and take all necessary measures alteration, waste and treatment access no authorized according with it he established in regulation security measures. Besides, there will also be the confidential status of the type of information that parties exchange them with each other, these agree whit the nature that the it simply be on him Content of Information. The visualization of data over the internet, will presume no direct access to themselves, unless express consent his holder for every occasion.

PARK ADAMAR, S.L. (Via the web use cookies rotting in the user browsing it for the Web site, files of reference data, Whose information are limited, and only whose objective is that of bettering them to the services users.

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